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Diamond Powder, Diamond Micron Powder, Diamond Micron Paste, Boron Carbide Powder, Boron Carbide Paste, Diamond Lapping Paste, Navi Mumbai, India

Diamond Powder

Diamond Micron Powder / Boron Carbide Powder and Paste

Diamond abrasive grits are categorized accordingly to their application which in turn depend on particle size. The largest sizes are used for tool stones which fall in the stone category, next under the heading of GRIT, firstly the saw sizes and then the grinding or the wheel sizes . Finally we come to fine powders of which the largest sizes are used for lapping and the smaller for polishing purposes.Varun Udyog diamond Powder consists of strong , blocky and well shaped diamond particles with many re- entrance surface and sharp well defined cutting edges manufactured from high quality diamonds. Diamond micron powders are available in all sizes from D-1/4 to D-140 , These are used for removal of stock ( D-140) , roughness( D-30) and to give mirror polish ( D-3 ..D-1), In dies and tools.

Diamond Powder, Diamond Micron Powder /Boron Carbide Powder and Paste

Benefits in working with Boroncarbide Powder / Paste

Reduce in operating time due to fast, efficient cutting High quality surface due to closely sized grains resistant to temperature up to 350c because of the binders used the consistency of oils soluble boroncarbide paste is retained when applied to hot work pieces, i.e. the paste does not run off or spread out consequently a uniform polish is obtained even at high temperature.

Grit Sizes

Grit sizes are available for a wide range of operation, from coarse grinding to precision lapping. boron carbide paste can be used with plates or application of most types. Such as wood or cast iron etc.


Grit Sizes

Very Coarse

80 - 120


150 - 220


250 - 300

Medium Fine

280 - 350


360 - 400

Super Fine

500 - 700

Extra Fine

800 - 1200

Ultra Fine

1300 - 1500

Application Area

Owing to its stock removal rate and The high surface quality obtained only boron carbide guarantees economical lapping and polishing of precision parts of all types and of all sorts of materials. A surface smoothness below 1.5µm can be obtained in two operation even rough surfaces, coarse grinding of the surface being executed, for instance, with grit 250 and finsishing with grit 400.

Hard Metals (Carbides)

Finishing / Lapping

  • Wire Drawing Dies

  • Extrusion Dies

  • Cold Heading Tools

  • Hammer Heads

  • File Cutting Chisels

  • Casting & Metal Surface

  • Forging & Swaging Dies

  • Optical Lenses & Prisms

  • Sintered Ceramic Items

  • Compacting Press Tools

  • Natural and Synthetic Gem Stones



Sealed plastic jars in standard packaging of 100, 200, 500, 1000 gms.