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Internal Grinding Wheels, Diamond Contour Tools, Diamond Saws, Diamond Grinding Wheels, Diamond Lapping Compound, Diamond Powder, Diamond Dressers, Mumbai, India

Varun Udyog started as a small business from a study table in 1985. With the never ending hard work and dedication of it founders, it has grown to be a pioneer in the manufacturing of diamond tools. Our diversified ranges of products have uniform diamond coating, prolonging the life of the tool. Our customer centric nature helps us create tools as per user requirements. In-house technology improvised over the years allows us to examine any defects and fix them in a short turn around time. The products are made with cutting edge technology and undergo extensive testing before being shipped out.

With state of the art method, developed by Varun Udyog , the coating of the diamond grains is uniform throughout on all the edges as well as corners. We have an edge over other manufacturers wherein there is multi layered coating on and around edges. This causes the diamond bonding loose which in turn makes the process slow as well as the life of the tool becomes less. Also with in house technology and well defined process for testing each and every tool, problem can be looked with great detail and tools can be manufactured according to user application.

Our Strengths:

In the manufacture of drawing dies, moulds, and cutting tools the tool steel becomes distorted due to work harde-nine. Varun Udyog  diamond tools can touch up such tools in a mere fraction of time. Because of the diamond grains protruding far out of the bonding material Varun Udyog Diamond Files and tools develop a very good grip. They exercise their filling action even at the slightest contact and they work rapidly and accurately

Infrastructure :

We have a modern manufacturing plant  that is furnished with technological advanced machinery and equipment. Our facility has a very flexible and spacious layout that enables us to make improvements in our manufacturing methods continually.

Quality :
Ever since our inception, we have maintained a steadfast focus on quality of our products. In order to actualize this , we have institutionalized a avant-grade quality testing center. Enpowered by state- of- the art apparatus, our quality experts make us proud to pass on products in the market  that bear our dignified quality assurance.

Manpower :
Our company puts a lot of importance to our human resources as we consider them invaluable assets who facilitate and enrich our business operations across organization. We have employed best talents in the industry and provide the best in terms of both conductive work environment and rewards. This has engendered an atmosphere of harmony and creates a symbiosis of goals within our workforce.

Work Ethic:

We have a strong work-ethic, and it shows in many ways. While the company is family-held, there are no arm-chair bosses. Quality arises out of commitment; commitment that does not look at the clock nor needs a watch-dog. It's an attitude that means pushing yourself to the outer limits on every single parameter; it means deadlines are deadlines and there is no room for flexibility. We are consciously aware of our responsibilities as a manufacturer; we are aware that our products are critical to the manufacturing processes of other industries; we are aware that even a small delay on our part could bring to a grinding halt, the production process of our customer.

Why We ?
We are the leaders in the industry due to our quality, matchless price and working potential. We offer a wide selection of parts and product to choose from. Our capabilities allowed us to take all types of orders and complete the bulk order, even in short time. Delivery of product on time to clients is the most important parameter of our work.