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TurnKey Projects

Varun Udyog Diamond Tools undertake turnkey projects for setting up Diamond Tool manufacturing unit anywhere in the world. Varun Udyog has state of the art entities which are responsible for setting up a plant or equipment and for putting it into operation. Varun Udyog has facility to include contractual actions at least through the system, subsystem, or equipment installation phase and may include follow-on contractual actions, such as testing, training, logistical, and operational support
With inhouse team of well qualified experts and staff all problems related to manufacturing and quality can easily be solved within days.Appropriate solutions will be well explained and necessary actions will be taken with support from the customer.Full training will be given both at inhouse facility and on site which ever is convenient and economical. All clients will be taught to manufacture with minimum possible error and 100% quality which Varun Udyog Diamond Tools are known for.